Dianne Little speaking at fundraiser for NC House District 94

I am running for the North Carolina House because I am appalled by all that has been done to and not done for our public schools, our healthcare system, our environment, and our economy.

As a veteran educator with over 45 years of experience in the field, I have watched in horror as the General Assembly has waged an all-out war on public education. Our government leaders have methodically reduced funding to provide the necessary supplies and technology that our students need to be successful.

  • They have funneled money designated for public schools – our tax dollars – into private schools; and, they have allowed charter schools to increase in number while public schools have lost enrollment. Read more
  • They have allowed teacher salaries to plummet to as low as 47th in the nation, taken away the due process that employees need for fair treatment, and robbed educators of professional development funding and master’s degree stipends. Read more
  • Those same leaders have denied equal access to quality healthcare for all North Carolina residents and have failed to provide access to health insurance. Read more
  • They watched our environment be polluted while refusing to hold the polluters accountable for the clean-up cost, and instead, passed that cost on to taxpayers. Read more
  • They have placed a larger tax burden on the shoulders of the average citizen and given huge tax breaks to larger corporations. Read more

It is time for each of us to say “Enough!” and take back our schools and our government! Join me on this journey. “Be Brave Enough to Say ENOUGH!”

– Dianne Little