• Restore funding for Public Education
  • Ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff by providing more Resource Officers, counselors, and social workers.
  • Guarantee that students and faculty have the resources (personnel, textbooks, supplies) to be successful
  • Develop a comprehensive teacher college funding formula
  • Support the University System


  • Provide all communities access to healthcare
  • Direct resources to address the opioid crisis
  • Expand Medicaid so that all citizens have health insurance, lowering the cost for everyone


  • Provide more tax breaks for middle and lower income working families
  • Restore the Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Raise the minumum development aimed at attracting businesses


  • Place the health and safety of all citizens above profits of big corporations.
  • Restore vital protections of our air, land, and water.
  • Hold corporations financially accountable for their pollution of the environment; do not pass the cost on to taxpayers.